MALDI-TOF Autoflex Speed

Avenue Forel 2, 1015 Lausanne
MALDI-TOF Autoflex Speed

General Short Description

The MALDI-TOF AutoFlex speed has advanced performances for a broad range of applications. The instrument can be operated in reflector and linear modes (up to 100 kDa for intact proteins and large molecules such as polymers), with additional TOF/TOF tandem MS capabilities. Its SmartbeamTM-II 2 kHtz laser and system electronics allow high throughput analyses. This technique is well suited for analysis of peptides and proteins, as well as small organic components, organometallics, nucleic acids, sugars and polymers.

Relevant technical details

Data processing tools:

  • Polytools and polycalc ( for polymer analysis
  • Biotools and Apm2s ( for proteomics


Biomolecules, polymers, oligosaccharides, orbanometallics and nanoparticles

Additional information

This equipment is in open-access (training mandatory) but fees for services is also possible.

For rental agreement, availability and pricing, please reach out to the contact person

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