Protein Application Center

Uzwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Protein Application Center Protein Application Center Protein Application Center Protein Application Center Protein Application Center Protein Application Center

General Short Description

The Protein Application Center features an industrial pilot-plant production line as well as a batch-line for processing plant-based protein isolates, starch and fiber. The different plant sizes enables us to run trials with higher capacities on a continuous manufacturing process and smaller quantities that go through production process as a distinct unit. On the batch line, also dairy alternatives can be tested.

Relevant technical details

Scales of production :

  • Small-scale but highly flexible batch line (including dairy processing for plant-based beverages)
  • Industrial-size machines for easy scale up

Technology solutions available for protein isolation and sidestreams valorization :

  • Wet milling or dispersing in water, depending on raw materials
  • Decanter centrifuges for solid-liquid separation
  • Membrane Separation Systems for protein fractionation (including micro-filtration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis)
  • Starch and fiber processing – including centrisieve, screw press, hydrocyclones, and a rotary vacuum filter
  • Drying equipment – spray dryer and whirlflash dryer
  • Highly flexible batch scale line with tabletop equipment – wet milling, decanter, membrane system, spray dryer, UHT line with homogenizer, fermentation unit, and extrusion system


  • Process development and validation in the field of protein isolation and/or processing and related areas such as downstream processing of biological and biotechnological wet separation processes


  • Support in feasibility trials and run optimizations
  • Process adaptions for fast prototyping and proof of concept
  • Different technological solutions for processing various product quantities
  • Thorough process and product knowledge
  • Analysis, creation, and sensory expertise to create winning products

Additional information

Around 200 kg/h infeed for yellow peas on continuous process line
– Around 1kg/h infeed on small batch scale line
– 300 m2 space to explore protein processing possibilities

For rental agreement, availability and pricing, please reach out to the contact person

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